In Search of the Baiji: An Adventure in China
by D. W. Hoard and S. Wachter

Assorted Images

Chapters 1-10 of this document were written in 1995. We were much younger, there were still baiji swimming in the Yangtze River, and China was a different world. A lot has changed for all of us since then...

A stone lion at the tomb of Sun Yat-Sen, which is located on Purple Mountain in Nanjing.

Stefanie with an elephant on the Avenue of Stone Animals that leads up to the Ming Dynasty Tomb on Purple Mountain.

Donald with a pair of camels on the Avenue of Stone Animals that leads up to the Ming Dynasty Tomb on Purple Mountain.

An intricately-carved stone tablet at the Tomb of the Ming Dynasty Emperors on Purple Mountain in Nanjing.

Donald at the Qixia Buddhist Temple, about a one hour drive (we took the bus) outside of Nanjing. Qixia is the smallest town we visited in China, but they clearly get a lot of tourists visiting the temple. At one point, we got lost walking around the town trying to find the road to the temple. An old man on a bicycle, without a word from us, turned us around and pointed us in the proper direction to find the temple

The Qixia Temple grounds and buildings are very beautiful and peaceful, almost like a large park, despite the presence of vendors hawking cheap souvenirs along the main path as you first go in. Lotus flowers bloom in a pond at the Qixia temple.

The Jade Buddha Temple, which is located in the heart of Shanghai.

Stonework at the Jade Buddha Temple.

Donald at The Bund in Shanghai on the bank of the Huangpu River, with the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in the background.

An old man strains to pull a cart heavily-laden with coal, which is widely used for heating and cooking fuel in China.

The Jin Jiang Hotel in Shanghai. (Nixon slept here! ...and also signed the Shanghai Communique with Zhou Enlai in 1972, which re-established Sino-American relations.)

Nanjing Donglu, the main shopping street in Shanghai, at night. (Yes, those are all people crowding the street!)

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